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Are you looking for social media marketing classes in Seattle? Well, then you have landed at right place. The Thriving Lotus Academy is founded by Katlyn Gambill. Katlyn is working in industry for more than 10 years. She has worked in professional sports and on campaigns with many global companies like Toyota, GEICO and Wells Fargo etc.

She set up this institution with the aim to assist people especially women who are willing to start their own business in social media.

4 Reasons Why You Should Take This Course:

•To make extra money even during holidays

• To have a reliable source of income, especially during recession

• To become your own boss

• To make your passion, your business

On average, global internet users spend 2 hours and 27 minutes on social media per day.

Overview of Course

At The Thriving Lotus, we believe social media marketing is a crucial skill for any business to thrive.

One thousand engaged followers is a lot more powerful and valuable than 10,000 not-engaged followers.

But large social followings don't automatically equate to increased revenue. Focus on quality over quantity for your clients and they will reap the rewards.

If you're still not convinced that you could become a social media manager, launch your own business, and take control of your time again, you definitely need to keep reading about this course.

Join the intro to social media business program to start your business before the end of year!

We founded The Thriving Lotus Academy because we believe in empowering women to start their own businesses to take back control of their time.

Posting Reels and TikToks will only get you so far, so we created this in-depth course with the steps our founder, Katlyn, took to transition from social media marketing in professional sports to $16,000 months within a year.

What sets this course apart?

We aren’t selling you a dream. We’re giving you tangible skills and steps to create your social media marketing business and find clients.

Content Of Course

Back To Basics: How To Start Your Business Right

What Everybody Ought to Know About Setting Up a Business

Market research: how can you stand out from your competitors? 

Creating Social Media Business Accounts That Work on Every Platform

Value: $100

Client Outreach & Communications

Get tips to find new clients, where to search for projects, and how pitch your services.

Create a seamless process following your intro call with your client.

Learn to set realistic goals that you can achieve as a social media manager.

Value: $100

Services & Pricing

How to calculate your hourly rate and set up your annual revenue goal

How to figure out what services to offer as a social media manager

How to bundle your services and packages together to upsell your clients on more services for a higher monthly retainer

Value: $100

Get the Ball Rolling: How to Work With Your Client

It's All About Timing: Setting Up a Content Calendar

Defining goals, content type, and channels 

Creating a template for the calendar: ideas and resources 

Deciding on the publishing frequency and setting time limits 

Adding content: tips for using old and evergreen content 

Impress Your Client with Content Pillars — What's so great about content pillars?

Analyzing your market to find content that resonates with your audience 

Value: $250

How to Succeed with Organic Social Media Strategies

Focusing content on the right platforms: analyzing your market and optimizing your social media profiles 

Optimizing your posts by using your content calendar frequency: being relevant and taking advantage of slow hours 

Engaging your followers through interaction

Coming Up with New Content Ideas

Creating videos

Value: $250


Resource Guide

Content Calendar Template

Pricing & Bundling Template

Course Workbook

Value: $75

Frequently Asked Questions

How Will This Program Benefit Me?

You really will get out of this course whatever you put into it. If you spend the time and effort, you should feel very comfortable going out into the word and acquriin

What Is This Course?

This is a mini course designed to help you get started with your social media marketing business.In this course, you will learn tangible skills that I used to create my own social media marketing business after spending 11 years in professional sports.

How Much Does The Course Cost?

The course costs $97, but is valued at $875 USD.

FAQ image

Can I Get A Refund?

Due to the nature of digital courses, we are not able to offer a refund at this time. However, if you are unhappy please contact us at

How Long Do I Have Access For?

Once you subscribe to the course, you’ll be given lifetime access to this course, including any future updates.

FAQ image

Can I Contact My Instructor With Questions?

If you have some doubts which you think that can be resolved with one-to-one conversation only, then you can sign up for a coaching call linked here.

Is this an in-person training in Seattle?

This is an online program, which can be attended at any time and by anybody.

Before You Go...

After eleven years in professional sports leading social media marketing strategies for global brands, I decided it was time to be my own boss and find flexibility with my schedule. To put it simply: I was burnt out from being online 24/7.

I couldn’t find an affordable ecourse that would give me the steps to start my agency. I failed (and failed a lot) as I learned how to grow my freelancing business to $16,000 months. But I felt so alone during this process.

That’s why I created The Thriving Lotus Academy. It’s hard to take the plunge to start your business on your own, so I want to help you.

“How To Start A Social Media Business” is just the first step. Soon we will launch The Social Lounge, a resource for social media managers (both in the gig economy and working corporate jobs). In the new year, we’ll have the follow-up course to “How To Start A Social Media Business.”

I can’t wait to bring you lots of valuable information and help you feel empowered to launch your online business.

Lets Thrive,


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