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Services, Pricing, and Packaging Workshop

Learn How To Create Social Media Pricing, Services, and Packages To Get Premium Clients & Financial Freedom

Confused about what services you should offer as a social media manager? Not sure how to charge a client? Get the easy steps to setting your hourly & monthly rates, plus learn about bundling and packaging your services that can lead to financial freedom in this workshop!

The Goods...

How to determine your hourly rate.

Social Media Manager Services

Packages For SMMs

If you’re new to the freelance world and want to get away from gig websites, then this workshop is a must! You’ll learn how to determine your hourly rate based on your target revenue for the year — and how to make sure you can back up that hourly rate based on your experience. Plus the benefit of monthly retainers.

What services can you offer as a social media manager? How do you avoid burnout by specializing in certain services? You’ll learn about the services you could offer and figure out which ones fit with your business goals.

How do you tailor a package for a client without spending hours deciding what to offer? You’ll get my tips on how to make sure you’re protecting your time while giving your clients value.

Does this sound like you?

I have no idea what to charge clients or what services to offer.

I'm undercharging because I'm spending too many hours on one client.

I'm new to social media management. Can I really charge $50 an hour?

How do I create packages for clients that don't ruin my hourly rate?

Which is why I’m soooo excited to introduce:

Services, Pricing, and Packaging Workshop

How To Set Your Pricing, Services & Packages As A Social Media Freelancer

This workshop goes in-depth into hourly rates, monthly rates, services social media managers can offer, and how to bundle your services to secure a higher monthly retainer.

If you've ever felt like you undercharge, or just have no idea how to set your hourly rate to ensure clients pay, then this workshop is a must.

What sets this workshop apart?

In just over an hour, you could have the exact steps I take when pricing my services, choosing my services, and offering bundles for clients.

Here’s what you’ll get when you join:


Setting Prices

Learn how to figure out your target hourly rate.

Set goals for how many hours you want to work.

Determine your worth from your knowledge and skill set.

Use the provided pricing calculator to find out your hourly rate and how many clients you would need per month.


Social Media Manager Services

We’ll go through several services you can offer as a social media manager, and how to price these services based on your client’s needs.



What’s better: offering free additional services to get your target monthly rate or bundling services and providing discount on the services?

Example packages your could offer or use to set up custom packages by client.


Client Changes

We’ll discuss real-world examples of when clients want to add or remove services after signing on with your business.


Pricing Calculator

You’ll receive a free pricing calculator template in Google Sheets that you can utilize to set your hourly and monthly rates as well as find out how many clients you need to hit your target monthly goals.


Pricing & Bundle Template

Get access to our service bundle template that includes a breakdown of how to attribute value to each line item.

A total value of: ($250)

Enroll now for just $17.

Katlyn taught me LITERALLY everything I know. She offers a wealth of knowledge in the social and digital space. She’s organized, detail-oriented, and strategic. Her passion for educating others is evident and it shows with her patient and thorough teaching style.

— Emma T.


What is this workshop?

This is a one-hour workshop that goes in-depth into services social media managers can offer, how to set your hourly rate, and how to bundle services to get a monthly retainer.

Are there guarantees?

Unfortunately, I can’t promise any guarantees that you will gain XX in revenue each month or that you will pick up clients.

What I can promise, is that this course was created from my experience and uses the steps that helped me get to $16,000 months within the first year.

Can I contact my course instructor with questions?

Katlyn offers one-to-one coaching for a fee.

Soon, we will launch a members-only forum called The Social Collective where you can post if you need feedback or to troubleshoot something for a client, stay on top of industry trends, find job leads, and post questions about social media marketing.

How do I access my workshop?

Please refer to the email that you receive when you signed up for the course.

If at any time you have trouble accessing the course, please contact

Do I get access to the entire workshop at once?

Yes! You will receive access to the entire workshop when you join the program. The workshop is one hour long.

Can I get a refund?

We are determined to make sure you are happy with your purchase — whether it be a template or an e-course. If you are not satisfied with your e-course purchase, please contact us within 30 calendar days.

How long will it take to complete the workshop?

This is completely up to you! I designed this workshop to be on-demand so you are not at the mercy of someone else’s schedule.

How long do I have access for?

You will have lifetime access to this course, including any future updates. Take your time or speed through it. Whatever works best for you.

Why should I take this course over others?

A lot of courses and workshops (of all categories) are created by people who claim to know what they're doing or who have barely done the service they're teaching and the bulk of their income is actually from course sales.

The opposite is true here. I've been a social media manager for 12 years. I've managed global brands and small business brands. I've cultivated communities of over one million people. And I've successfully gone from full-time corporate to full-time entrepreneur. I simply want to help women like you feel empowered to launch your own social media business. But it's more than just empowerment — I'm teaching what I've learned over the past decade-plus, and making sure that you have the necessary steps to launch your business.

I truly believe you will recoup your investment incredibly quickly when launching your business with the knowledge from the course.

Let's Recap...

At The Thriving Lotus Academy, we give you the tangible skills and steps to launch your social media marketing business. With hours of content, you’ll find the basic outline to create your business. You’ll feel empowered to take on clients and provide a valuable service to them.


  • Steps to create your business

  • What is a social media manager?

  • How to impress your clients

  • Create a killer content market strategy and content pillars

  • How to succeed with organic social media marketing

Other Important Things:

  • Closed Captions

  • Editable workbook

  • On-demand course content

  • Resource Guide

  • Templates: Content Calendar, Pricing Calculator, Bundling Template

Before You Go...

After eleven years in professional sports leading social media marketing strategies for global brands, I decided it was time to be my own boss and find flexibility with my schedule. To put it simply: I was burnt out from being online 24/7.

I couldn’t find an affordable ecourse that would give me the steps to start my agency. I failed (and failed a lot) as I learned how to grow my freelancing business to $16,000 months. But I felt so alone during this process.

That’s why I created The Thriving Lotus Academy. It’s hard to take the plunge to start your business on your own, so I want to help you.

“How To Start A Social Media Business” is just the first step. Soon we will launch The Social Lounge, a resource for social media managers (both in the gig economy and working corporate jobs). In the new year, we’ll have the follow-up course to “How To Start A Social Media Business.”

I can’t wait to bring you lots of valuable information and help you feel empowered to launch your online business.

Lets Thrive,


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