Podcast Content Marketing

Some tactics we might employ...

YouTube Marketing

YouTube is an incredibly powerful tool for podcasts. If you don't have high-quality video to go with your podcast, you are losing out on active and engaged listeners.

Eventually you hope to get your YouTube channel to the point where you can activate monetization to help bring in additional revenue.

Organic and Paid Social Media

Organic social media marketing is the first step to launching your brand. This is where brand awareness begins. We utilize several platforms depending on your podcast industry. For example, a business podcast will thrive on LinkedIn, but maybe not on Facebook.

Paid social media comes in the forms of ads on TikTok, Instagram, Facebook, etc. This is where we advertise to get people to listen, download, and subscribe.

Organic Social Media = Awareness

Paid Social Media = Conversions

Affiliate Marketing, Memberships & More

To help bring in revenue, especially early on, we might encourage the following:

  • Affiliate Marketing — such as Amazon or direct with the companies

  • Advertiser Networks — Where the network acts as the middle person and takes a portion of the revenue. This relies on high impressions.

  • Tiered Memberships — This could mean first-access to episodes, swag, extended cuts, and so on.

  • Premium Access — This could mean exclusive content that is only shared with members.

  • Sell physical products — This could mean clothing, water bottles, etc. 

Pinterest Marketing

When it comes to inspiration, Pinterest it the best channel to utilize. Pinterest differs from social media platforms in the sense that it is truly a search engine and followers/likes aren't important.

Ads can be incredibly powerful here as well.

Email Marketing

At the end of the day, most sales conversions happen in your inbox. If your goal is to get people to remember your show, sell merchandise, or sell premium memberships, you will need an email marketing plan.

Any of the social media platforms could ban your account or completely disappear tomorrow, and if you don't have an email list, you will have no way of reaching out to your fans — unless they already subscribe to the show. Remember, on social media you don't own your followers. On an email list, you do.

Website Management & SEO

A website can be crucial for a podcast. If you want to rank on Google, you will need a website and an SEO plan where you continually be growing your reach.

Now, just like social media, SEO takes time. So the sooner you start this the better. However, if you are doing a limited run or aren't sure if you're going to stick it out for the long run, this is probably one area to wait on.

We provide media kits for the guests and host(s). Here is an example of what this kit can look like.

As part of our partnership, we work with you to create intros and outros for the video components. We will also make sure videos are optimized for the platform — meaning we will post less than 90 seconds in a 9x16 format on Reels instead of a 16x9 video that is 5 minutes.

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