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Katlyn Gambill

Hi! My name is Katlyn, and I’m the creator behind The Thriving Lotus, an academy that helps people become social media managers and kickstart a thriving remote business.

I spent 10 years hustling in professional sports running social media teams before transitioning to full-time freelancer, and now instructor. Teaching people the necessary skills to thrive with their online social media business is what fulfills me each and every day.


Content Is King. But Brand Marketing Is Queen. And The Queen Runs Everything.

If you have good content, your brand can be successful. You can dump thousands and thousands of dollars on paid ads, marketing, etc. but if your content isn't worthwhile in the market, you'll never sell your product.

You're always selling something. Even if you are a podcast or a content creator. You are selling your content to get listeners so you can get ad sales and scale your business.

At The Thriving Lotus, we think of sales first. We think about how to solve the market's problem with your product (or content). And then we figure out how to present it to the world.

Sometimes you just want a little advice or to talk through something with someone in the industry. Let's chat and help you with your business, your clients, or your social media goals.

Take the Kickstart A Social Media Business Course to learn how to be a social media manager and how to launch your business ASAP.

Or check out the Services, Pricing, & Packaging Workshop if you're already a social media manager.

Sometimes you just want a little direction for your business. Check out our easy-to-use templates to up your game as a social media manager.

Everything was perfectly communicated and laid out. Katlyn was thorough, creative, and compassionate with all of our changes and notes. She went above and beyond to help engage and educate us on best practices. The content was visually appealing. The packages she helped us put together for our guests was unmatched, and her kindness and can-do attitude was just what we needed for this particular project.  



The Ultimate Social Media Business Blueprint

Learn how to turn your passion for social media into a profitable skill with my step-by-step guide. Whether you have dreams of freelancing or running a social media agency, these are the foundational steps to creating a successful career. 

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