LA Kings Brand Voice

2021 Organic Social Media Strategy & Goals

Champion The Brand: Drive Reach

• Create a virtual in-game experience

• Grow Twitter Platform by 10%, Facebook by 5%, Instagram by 10%

• Define content pillars that bring to life the brand priorities

• Launch hero content pieces that celebrate our brand, mapping back to content pillars

Empower Players To Use Social Media

• Enable the players to be successful in all areas of their lives, now and in the future — utilize Inflcr Platform (part of Teamworks)

• Represent and promote the Kings in a positive manner

Cultivate Affinity & Engagement

• Define platform approach that leverages the strength of each platform

• Empower players to share their stories of the regional bubble, playing through a pandemic, etc.

• Leverage alumni to promote nostalgia

Leverage Paid Social Media Campaigns

• Generate leads for email database

• Participation: information collected from contests

• Clicks on lead-generation posts — merchandise sales, ticket packages, new season tickets, tune-in information

• Conversions of leads from social

Create New Revenue Streams

• Bring in-arena corporate activations online in a cohesive manner

• Support corporate partnerships by creating new online promotions to be pitched to a new client

• Define clear successes for each partner’s sponsored campaign

Establish Brand Voice

Proud & Confident

The LA Kings are extremely proud, but never arrogant, and never take unnecessary shots at opposing players.


Throughout the highs and lows, Kings fans are always locked in.


The LA Kings’ expectations and vision are high.

Add value, not clutter.

Memes and pop culture references are a successful brand focus for the LA Kings to break up the hockey-related content in a non-traditional hockey market and resonate with casual fans or sports fans in general.

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